How the commission process works

Step One:

We set up a meeting, ideally in person or video chat. This initial meeting is for me to get a sense of what you want and for you to get a sense of how it feels to work with me.


Step Two:

I meet with your art team- any members of your organization who want to have core involvement with the project in terms of creative vision, scheduling and implementation, volunteer coordinators, budget and supplies, etc. We work together to create a design, a timeline, and a budget.


Step Three:

Your art team and I work together to create and install your artwork.




Step One: 


A one hour meeting online using Zoom or Skype


A one hour meeting in person in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro


Step Two:


A two hour meeting online with your art team using Zoom or Skype


A two hour meeting in person with your art team in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro


Step Three:

The budget for step three will be determined collaboratively during step two. Determining factors will include:

  • Timeline- how long it will take to create and install the artwork
  • Supplies- type and amount of supplies needed to create the artwork
  • Installation- tools or machinery required to install the artwork
  • Location- whether the location of your organization is in DFW metro or other travel expenses will be needed
  • Volunteers- how much of the work is created by me vs. how much is created independently by your volunteers